A white coated doctor talking to a female patient about the Clarivein procedure

Do I need a general anaesthetic for the Clarivein® treatment?

No you don’t. Compared to some other treatments, ClariVein® is less invasive and virtually pain free, so all you will need is one small injection of local anaesthetic to numb the skin. You can walk straight after the procedure and return to work immediately.

Is there any risk of nerve damage or skin burns during the Clarivein® procedure?

No. These are only risk factors associated with a small number of patients undergoing Radio-frequency ablation or laser ablation procedures.  As ClariVein® doesn’t use any heat to seal the vein, the risk is completely avoided with this procedure.

Is the Clarivein® procedure painful?

With older procedures, patients often experienced pain, post-surgery. ClariVein® is a virtually pain-free procedure, so you should not feel any pain either during or after surgery.

   Will I have to stay in hospital after my Clarivein® procedure?

No, unlike other treatments, with ClariVein® you can return home or go to work the same day.

Can I drive after having the Clarivein® Procedure ?

Yes you can, in fact the protocol following surgery is to exercise the foot like you would pushing a clutch on a car. So driving home is not a problem as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Will I experience bruising after ClariVein® ?

This technique has been designed to minimise any noticeable bruising.  Any patches of slight bruising which do occur will fade quickly.

How much does ClariVein® cost ?

Varicose veins present differently from patient to patient, and so too will the recommended course of treatment.  Costs will depend upon what is most suitable for you, and may vary from surgeon to surgeon. To find your nearest surgeon and get a quote that is specific to you, please click . FIND A CONSULTANT


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