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"In September I had the ClariVein® procedure performed, through Spire Health in the UK. Although I didn't have a very long varicose vein, it was beginning to creep up my leg. Six month after the treatment, the varicose vein is now closed (hopefully forever) and the surgeon believes everything has gone perfectly.


While there was other treatments available, the fact ClariVein® eradicated some of the potential risks/pain and had an equally good success rate, made it stand-out. Taking this information into account, I decided to have this procedure done.


During the procedure, there was very little pain (only behind my knee), but this was very manageable. Within 30 minutes of the procedure being completed, I was walking out of the hospital and heading back home. The following day I was back at work.


Summer and hopefully the hot weather will be here soon, so I'll be back in shorts for the first-time in 3 years. Only a small thing I know, but something I'm pleased with’’.

I am Cathy S and I have a busy life running luxury holiday apartments in Cornwall and from Easter to the end of Octobers I am constantly on my feet. Like many people who have historically spent a lot of time on their feet, I developed varicose veins in both legs. This was a real problem for me in this type of summer, beach orientated job and I was always looking

to cover my legs.


I did some research and discovered a new procedure called ClariVein® whereby I could walk

in, have it done and then walk back to work. I booked a consultation with a local consultant vascular surgeon who explained that unlike some non-surgical treatments, ClariVein®does

not involve multiple painful injections and does not use heat to seal the vein.


I went in at the start of summer and had the first leg done and was back at work on a busy change over later that same day and also the next and away dancing at a party within

48 hours.


Five weeks later I went in and had the other leg done – no problems at all. It was pain-free and so easy.


“Now, I just love being on the beach and I am back in shorts and my wardrobe is full

of dresses"

“I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone….the results have been really amazing”


 Some two-and-a-half years after having her varicose veins treated using the minimally-invasive and virtually painfree ClariVein® procedure, Sally C says the veins have not returned and she is delighted with the results.



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